Friday, October 22, 2010

Mixed Media on Arches Cover Paper
12" x 10"
(framed dimensions)

Candy Corn sure looks innocent enough. I admit to nibbling on a few as I painted this piece, and before long it became evident that the jar wasn't the only thing in my studio that was wired!


Shirley Peters said...

I love the way you have captured the metal and glass. Two such different surfaces, but so realistic.

Virginia Floyd said...

How funny, Kathy!

This is a complex subject! It's a beautiful jar, and you did a wonderful job of painting it. You captured the translucence of the glass and the reflections of light from it. Great job!

Kathy Mallat said...

Thanks, Shirley. working both of those surfaces together was an interesting challenge.

Kathy Mallat said...

You know well the challenges of painting glass, Virginia. How fun that we were simultaneously attempting that subject in our respective studios!

bricarwaller said...

Love the composition, it looks festive and restrained, ha. Love the title.