Saturday, November 6, 2010

 Memories Unleashed
Mixed Media on Arches Cover Paper
18" x 18"
(framed dimensions - painting size is 6"x6")
 My grandmother was a concert pianist and music teacher. She also loved to sew. She taught my brothers and me a bit of each.  We all took piano lessons from her (some of us persevering more than others!).  And, often when we spent time at her house she would pull out her button box and we'd hang out at her dining room table learning how to sew buttons onto scrap pieces of fabric.  I'm not sure my brothers really cherished those sewing sessions, but I remember them fondly.  That old tin cigar box held a vast assortment of buttons...all sizes, shapes, textures and colors...and all for the taking! I came across that box recently (still filled to the brim with buttons) which sparked the idea for this painting.  Given my grandmother's musical side, this particular paste paper background seemed a logical choice. 
This one's for you, Gran!


Brenda Ferguson said...

Outstanding, Kath.I hardly know where to begin. All that color...and the clear buttons perfectly rendered.
The way you carefully placed them so the lyrics, "I'll always have you" are seen. Subtle...and powerful. This piece stands out.

Stephanie Berry said...

Nice Kathy--the whole button box thing brings back fond memories for me. Did you do this on a music sheet? So much detail in a 6x6--I'm impressed.

Kathy Mallat said...

Thanks, Bren!. You always seem to pick up on those subtle nuances. I so appreciate that.

Glad this painting evoked some fond memories for you, Stephanie. That's the highest of compliments! The background is an actual piece of sheet music...the same that I used for an earlier post titled "Fine Tuned". I decided to try my paste paper technique on the music. And, now that I know it works, I plan to create more.

Virginia Floyd said...

I really like this, Kathy. I like the mix of translucent and opaque buttons. The sheet music background makes the painting even more interesting. Also enjoyed the story about your grandmother.

carol morgan carmichael said...

This is just outstanding. A big WOW!

Kathy Mallat said...

Glad you like this one, Virginia. I really had fun painting all aspects of this piece.

Carol, thanks for the boost! Your kind words are so very much appreciated.