Friday, December 31, 2010

 Man in Black
Mixed Media on Arches Cover Paper
"14 x 14"
(framed dimensions)

I was reliving our Grand Canyon trip via photos recently and happened upon a shot that included this fellow.  There's something about a cowboy's true grittiness that I find appealing to paint.


Brenda Ferguson said...

Wow, Kath, I love Man in Black! All those cool colors work so well together. Your portrait characters are so interesting...and arresting. And as always, you capture light so effectively.

Stephanie Berry said...

Nice portrait Kathy. Very rugged looking. Tell us sometime about your use of mixed media. A Very Happy New Year to you!

Kathy Mallat said...

Thanks to you both! Stephanie, you must have been reading my mind, because just recently I've been questioning my choice of "mixed media" description. I'm happy to have a chance to explain. I hand create the ground for each of my paintings using a paste paper technique. It's a fascinating process used often by book makers. I love the variety of colors and visual textures I can get from it. I generally set aside a day to create a stash of large papers in one session(all different in color and texture),so I'll have lots to choose from in setting the tone for a painting. The painting itself is done in acrylic, but since I consider the paste paper ground to be such an integral part of the painting, and one which I have created, I've chosen to describe each of these pieces as mixed media works. Does that make sense?!