Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bottoms Up
Mixed Media on Arches Cover Paper
21" x 21"

These are two of our fine feathered neighbors that began frequenting our yard last summer. They are usually joined by a flock of guinea hens.  Wow...are they ever noisy!


Brenda Ferguson said...

Oh, this is a fun one! I love the subject (aren't chickens fun?), the perspective and the bits of warm color in the center of the piece. Our neighbors' chickens have been wandering across the road to our yard this week and I've enjoyed having them...all the fun of having chickens wandering around and none of the work.

suzanneberry said...

wow, kathy, i've missed some incredible work here! the chickens are amazing and "under lock and key" and "off season" are just wonderful! lovely work!